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Hay veces que aunque sepas construir hojas de cálculo muy complejas, encuentras un límite o te pierdes en tablas al buscar un dato o modificar la lógica. Cuéntanos tu decisión, seguro que podemos colaborar. Contacta con nosotros. En baobab estamos comprometidos con que nuestros clientes tengan siempre la mejor solución disponible. En baobab tenemos una pasión por los números y la resolución de problemas. Esto nos permite siempre estar en la búsqueda de nuevos retos. La rapidez con que preparamos prototipos y aplicaciones completas hace que los tiempos de desarrollo se midan en semanas y no en meses. Esto nos permite centrarnos en el problema específico de cada cliente.

Sometimes, Excel is just not enough

When Excel files are huge, too complex, difficult to handle and understand and, thus, do not help you find the best choice, it is time to switch to a more powerful technology.

Give it a try!

We can collaborate for sure! Contact us.


In baobab, we are commited to providing the best available solution to our customers.


In baobab, we are passionate about solving problems and math. We are always ready for new challenges.

Agile development

Our customers do not need to wait for months to try our solution. We deliver frequently, and the project team can test and validate every bit of progress, so that all our effort is directed to providing exactly what the customer needs.

Optimization and simulation are mathematical tools to support better decision making processes.
Our technologies allow us to simulate your company’s operations in a computer, through which we can increase their efficiency.


Baobab offers customized applications tailored to the needs of every each client. They are fast, robust, user-friendly and cover a large range of sectors such as logistics, production or human resources.


baobab uses Operations Research techniques such as optimization, simulation and business analytics. These techniques mainly employs mathematics, engineering and computer science to provide the best solutions to complex decision-making problems.


Meet our talent: Elena Heredia

Meet our talent: Elena Heredia

baobab is its amazing talent. This is the first in a series of interviews where you will have the chance to know us better.

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Baobab at ME3 – European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy

Baobab at ME3 – European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy

Álvaro García y Luis Pita-Romero will participate as lecturers at the ME3 – EUROPEAN JOINT MASTERS IN MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING OF ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY (ERASMUS), starting September 2019. This is an international master program with stages in Madrid (UPM), Stockholm […]

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