baobab soluciones is a spin off from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), founded in June 2011 and its main offices are located in Madrid.

baobab helps its clients make better decisions by reducing costs and improving their efficiency in fields such as logistics, production planning and human resources. Our solutions are fully customized and tailored to each client using Operations Research techniques (which is a field where mathematics, engineering and computer science meet), namely:

In 2011, two professors from the UPM took part in an entrepreneurship competition (ActúaUPM) and were rewarded with a secondary prize. They subsequently founded baobab soluciones a few months later.

In baobab, we combine academic rigor and business agility. Our close contact with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and more generally with the scientific research allows us to cultivate a leading knowledge in mathematical and engineering disciplines. In baobab, we aim at creating real value to our customers by coming up with the best technical solutions and by building long term relationships based on mutual trust.

Baobab provides value for large problems, where there are many people, many products or, in general, a many possible combinations. In these cases, it not easy to find the best combination through rules of thumb or elementary calculations. These are some examples of questions we can help with: “What should be my production planning for the next month?”, “What routes should my fleet of vehicles take?”, “What should be my inventory level for each product?”, “How should I organize shifts in my factory?”, “How should I price my products?”, “How can I design my new assembly line?”

baobab has the experience that provides a decade of work within the UPM Industrial Engineering Laboratory, specially the know-how in optimization and simulation modelling. Ever since its foundation, baobab has significantly enriched that experience as a result of its projects.